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How to Get Rid Of Armpit Fat

Armpit fat is a general challenge that affects 3 out of 5 women. Genetics, poor lifestyle, obesity, and muscle loss are the major causes of fat accumulation in the supple area between your breast and upper arms. The bulge peeking from the sides of the brassiere can certainly make you …

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How to Make Your White Clothes Whiter?

  For the sake of possibilities, I would assume that almost everyone has a white cloth – although, I would not be surprised if everyone in the modern world has or has had a white cloth at one time or another. From most lab coats to wedding gowns white clothes …

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7 Ways to Control Your Eating

  A few years ago, I had a problem with overeating. I used to tell myself that I should not eat too much, but when I see the food, I could not control my eating. After I finished eating, I felt very bad and guilty. I was ashamed that I …

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9 Reasons Why You Are Not Losing Weight

  You starved yourself to death, you followed every tip and trick written in the book to the letter, you followed all the fad diets religiously, you have undergone various diet challenges, but you are unable to make a dent in your waist size. If this is your situation, then …

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Top 10 Foods That Fight Heartburn

Today you will learn about 10 foods that help you to stop heartburn and acidity.   1. Green Vegetables Green vegetables such as celery, broccoli, cauliflower, asparagus, and green beans are low in acid. 2. Brown Rice Rice absorbs excess acid produced in the stomach and thus helps in stopping heartburn. 3. Potatoes …

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8 Habits That Make You Look Older Than You Are

  Some of our habits make us look older than we really are. If we can stop these habits, we will stop aging faster than we should. There is a popular belief that genes are responsible for making one look older than normal. However, scientists have proven that the genes …

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