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5 Reasons You Can Get Pregnant While On Birth Control

5 Reasons You Can Get Pregnant While On Birth Control

The issue of pregnancy during birth control is not a new thing but the causes are what many people may not be aware of. According to a reliable medical report, almost 3 million pregnancies in the United States can best be described as accidents. The popular reasons are skipping birth control pills and not following instructions to the letter.

However, there are several not-so-popular reasons why birth control pills and programs fail and this article discusses some of the unpopular reasons for the failure of birth control.

  1. Taking antiretroviral drugs.

Your chances of getting pregnant while on birth control can increase if you are also taking medications for HIV. The interactions between the two drugs have a serious impact on the hormones in the blood and this can compromise the effectiveness of your birth control pill.

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  1. Certain antibiotics can affect your pills.

Most antibiotics don’t react with the effects of birth control pills but some antibiotics do. Rifabutin and Rifampicin are good examples of the antibiotics to avoid while on birth control.

  1. Taking medications against seizures.

Topamax is one of the most popular drugs for epilepsy and other kinds of seizures. It is also used for migraine. Unfortunately, it undermines the effects of control pills. Apart from Topamax, there are other anti-seizure medications that women should avoid when they are birth control.

  1. Bowel conditions can make your pills fail.

Some bowel conditions like Crohn’s disease prevent your body from absorbing any medication taken orally. If your body does not absorb the drug properly, the chances of the drug being effective will be very slim.

  1. Medications for mood disorder are guilty too.

Some drugs and herbs used to treat depression and similar conditions have the ability to increase the breakdown of estrogen, thereby compromising the effectiveness of your birth control pill.

In conclusion, as a rule of the thumb, consult your doctor before taking any medication when you are on birth control.

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