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8 Habits That Make You Look Older Than You Are


Some of our habits make us look older than we really are. If we can stop these habits, we will stop aging faster than we should. There is a popular belief that genes are responsible for making one look older than normal. However, scientists have proven that the genes of a person do not determine how fast the person will age.

It is true that few people have good genes that make them age slower than others, but most people age faster due to their skincare habits. Nevertheless, even those that have good genes can lose their genetic advantage if they make poor lifestyle choices and habits.

The following are some poor habits that can make you look older:

1. Physical Inactivity:

If you do not engage in physical exercise and activities, you are making yourself older. Even short distance jogs and walks can help to prevent you from aging faster. When you start to exercise regularly, you can reduce the speed at which you age.

2. Not Monitoring Your Blood Pressure:

If your blood pressure is higher than normal, you age faster. You must make sure that you monitor your blood pressure even in your youth. The early stages of hypertension and other minor symptoms that are often ignored play a part in how you look.

3. Keeping High Cholesterol Levels:

High cholesterol levels can make you age faster. You must keep optimal cholesterol levels to support your health and look younger than you are.

4. Not Taking Time To Enjoy Life:

When you do not take time to enjoy life, you will age faster. You will not be as healthy as you should. Your physical and mental health will suffer.

5. Not Meditating:

Scientific research has shown that meditation is a stress reliever and it helps to curb the growth of negative thought patterns. Meditation clears the mind and makes one sharper, more mindful and it improves concentration. When you meditate, you age slowly as you focus on positive thoughts and you are less anxious. Meditation also frees you from stress, which is one major cause of aging.

6. Being Overweight:

You look older if you are overweight. You must be fit and get rid of excess fat to live healthily and stop aging faster.

7. Having A Low Level Of Education:

Research has shown that the more educated you are, the slower you age. If you can afford good quality education, you should get it. Education will improve your health, keep you rejuvenated and help you live longer.

8. Smoking:

When you smoke, you speed up your aging process. The risk of having throat, skin and lung cancer also increases when you smoke. Those who stopped smoking will still feel the effects of smoking on their body. Smoking affects the strength of your lungs, heart, and bones. It changes your hair, teeth, and skin in a way that makes you look older. Smoking is one of the surest ways of making yourself look older than you really are.

You can look younger if you take care of these eight habits. You do not need to spend a lot of money on expensive products. Living a healthy life can rejuvenate your body, mind, and spirit.

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