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10 Benefits of Waking Up Early in the Morning, According to Science


It is hard for several people to rise up early these days especially with several distractions that keep them awake at night. We have Netflix, Video Games, TV shows, late night parties, and other things that prevent us from going to bed early.

Even when we go to bed early, we spend time on our smartphones, tablets and other electronic devices. This prevents us from sleeping as early as we should.

However, sleeping early and rising up early has many benefits. It may be a tough habit to begin, but when you start, the benefits you get are numerous. In this article, we present you 10 reasons why you should wake up early in the morning.

1.Better Mental Health:

When you wake up early, your thoughts are less jumbled, and you are more positive. You have a lesser chance of having negative thoughts. Depression, mental illness and disorders will leave you.

2. You can Plan your Day Better:

Imagine yourself waking up late, rushing to grab something to eat and going through your day without any plan on how the day should go. You will have little control over how your day should go, and you will achieve less than what you ought to achieve. However, if you wake up early, you have time to think, organize your day and fit in various activities. You will feel in control of your day, and you will be more organized.

3. The Tranquility that the Morning has to Offer:

There is nothing like that early morning peace and calm devoid of human noise, traffic, and other things. You feel calm and happy when you wake up early. You get to enjoy the silence that the morning has to offer, and your mental health improves greatly. Your blood pressure reduces, your oxygen level improves, and hangovers and headaches are cured.

4. You will Look Good:

Many people do not look as attractive as they should be because they do not get enough sleep. They look tired, and they have bags under their eyes. In addition, they gain weight faster than they should.

5. You will be more Productive:

If you wake up early, you will be more focused, disciplined and more productive. You will wake up energetic, and you will be more tenacious and persistent with your goals. Your brain will be less saturated, and your thoughts will be clearer, so solutions come to you easily.

6. You will have Quality Sleep:

When you wake up early, you can plan your day better and be in control of your daily routine. Your internal clock becomes accustomed to this, and the quality of your sleep improves.

7. You will be Energetic:

Many people think that waking up late means that they had more sleep and will make them energetic. However, they could not be further away from the truth. Waking up late can make you groggy and less energetic. Deep-sleep cycles can provide various restorative effects for your body. When you wake up early, the blood supply in your body is boosted, tissues and bones are repaired, and human growth hormones are released.

8. You Wake up on time for Breakfast:

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. However, unfortunately, many people wake up late and then skip breakfast due to waking up late. Some of them just manage to grab something that is not nutritious to eat while some eat later in the day. Skipping breakfast does a lot of damage to your physical and mental health. When you eat a good breakfast, you get the energy needed for your daily activities. You reduce the risk of diabetes and heart diseases, and you are more focused with clear thinking.

9. Better Brain Function:

When you wake up early, your brain performs better, and creative ideas and solutions come to you easily. Your memory and concentration improve and your critical thinking skills increases.

10. Your Grades will Improve:

Research has shown that students that rise earlier have better grades than those that do not. When you rise early, you get to classes on time and you can concentrate better in classes. Waking up early allows you to manage your time productively.

If you get a good night rest and wake up early, your overall health will improve. It might be hard to inculcate this habit in the beginning, but over time, you will get used to waking up on time.

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