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How You Can Use Baking Soda to Relieve Arthritis Pain


Many people have baking soda at home. They use it for baking, cleaning, facial beauty, and several other reasons. However, most people do not know that baking soda can be used as an effective way to fight arthritis.

The Department of Physiology at Augusta University conducted a study that revealed that baking soda, also known as sodium bicarbonate, can fight inflammation and regulate the pH levels of the body.

When baking soda is consumed, more stomach acid is produced and pH level of the body is normalized. This prevents stomach ache and indigestion. When you drink sodium bicarbonate, it affects the spleen through the mesothelial cells.

The research team conducted an experiment on humans and rats. A mixture of sodium bicarbonate and water was given to them over a period of 14 days. It was observed that baking soda made the immune cells to inhibit the inflammatory response even in those who were experiencing inflammation before the experiment was conducted.

The results of the study showed that sodium bicarbonate helps to boost the production of stomach acid. Stomach acid controls inflammation and aids the digestion of food. Baking soda also acts on the spleen and the stomach by regulating the immune system and reinforcing the anti-inflammatory response.

Baking soda warns the body of attacks and turns off inflammation markers that are already activated. Baking soda relieves arthritis pain that is caused by a weak immune system and inflammation signals that are overactive.

Some drugs like prednisone and TNF-alpha inhibitors like Remicade, Enbrel, and Humira that are usually prescribed for the treatment of arthritis are very dangerous. These drugs have side effects like cancer and infection. The use of anti-inflammatory drugs and analgesic can cause kidney and liver damage.

It is therefore good to know that a non-harmful substance like baking soda can be of help in stopping the inflammation and other immune issues that causes arthritis and other autoimmune diseases.

Baking soda has no adverse effect, and it is a safe way of treating pain and other symptoms of arthritis. Baking soda also improves bodily health in several other ways, so you can mix it with water and enjoy it every day for improved health.

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