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About Us

Who we are?

Welcome to HomeYog.com. My name is Shahid Basha Syed and I’m the founder of this website and co-founder of Fathima Web Solutions. HomeYog is an aggregator of top most alternative medicine for everyday common diseases. We collect excellent and working remedies from across the web and present them at one place. We save your valuable time by giving you top-class remedies from highly reliable sources along with genuine user reviews.

Yog has been derived from the Sanskrit word ‘Yuj’ meaning ‘to join’ and in hindi language the word ‘Yog’ means ‘Total’. So HomeYog means attaining comprehensive well-being right from home.

Why we are doing this?

We believe that nature has cure to every possible disease man is suffering from. We have taken up the responsibility to help people by providing them every possible remedy that nature has provided all at one place – HomeYog. It means when you visit HomeYog to find a remedy, it is authentic and genuine. There is no need for you to go any other website.

Contact Details:

Fathima Web Solutions

12-176, M.R.Street


Andhra Pradesh, India