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7 Ways to Control Your Eating


A few years ago, I had a problem with overeating. I used to tell myself that I should not eat too much, but when I see the food, I could not control my eating. After I finished eating, I felt very bad and guilty. I was ashamed that I could not control my eating habit. I promised that I will not repeat it, but it is the same story every time.

If your story is similar to mine then you came the right place. In this video, you will learn 7 simple ways to control your eating habit. So, keep watching.

1.Chewing Gum

If you go shopping and fear that you may not control yourself from eating junk food, just pop a sugar-free chewing gum. Studies have shown that people felt less hungry when chewing gum. They also had less junk-food cravings.

2. Pay with Cash

When you want to pay for your lunch, pay it with hard cash instead of a card. Studies have shown that paying with cash pauses a person and makes them aware of the things they are buying. Therefore, when you pay with cash you will be buying consciously and there is a high probability that you will buy healthy food.

3. Use Blue Plates

Next time when you sit for eating, eat in blue plates. You will eat less. Studies have shown that the quantity of food people eat is linked to the color of the dishes they eat in. If your food blends with the color of the plate you are eating in, there is a high chance that you will eat more.

4. Eat Slowly

Take small bites of your food and chew it slowly. Give some gap between bites. If you eat your food slowly, it gives you a feeling of fullness and you will eat less.

5. Stop Watching TV Cooking Shows

Watching TV cooking shows will make you to munch on snacks. Studies have shown that people on diet eat more candies when watching food TV shows when compared to people watching other programs.

6. Use smaller Plates

The size of plates gives cues to the brain about the amount of food you are supposed to eat.  Smaller plates accommodate less food and therefore you will eat less.

7. Eat Consciously

When you feel the urge to eat just because you are bored or tired try to delay it for a few minutes. Concentrate on other things. Chances are that the urge to eat would have faded, at least a little.

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