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How to Make Your White Clothes Whiter?


For the sake of possibilities, I would assume that almost everyone has a white cloth – although, I would not be surprised if everyone in the modern world has or has had a white cloth at one time or another. From most lab coats to wedding gowns white clothes are everywhere. The frustration many people face with white clothes, however, is that they seem to change color over time. What starts out as perfectly white and beautiful clothing starts to turn creamy or brown over time. This discoloration can be quite embarrassing as no one wants others to think they are dirty or unhygienic.

So, we all look for ways to make our white clothes whiter. The problem, however, is that the internet is full of a lot of garbage, so, I am going to try and sift through the garbage and tell you what exactly works in making your white clothes whiter. Keep reading this article and I will tell you what you need. However, the first thing I think I should tell you is why your white clothes get brown over time.

Why white clothes lose color over time:

Three reasons for this are stains, stains, and stains. White clothes get stained easily. The issue is where do these stains come from. Here are some sources of stains:

  • Foods, dyes, blood and so on: this is the most obvious but not the most common kind of stain on white clothes. They are easy to see and can be removed. Some others like ice cream and soda do not stain immediately but will stain the clothing later on.
  • Sweat: this is the most common form of stains to white clothes and is one of the major causes of discoloration of your clothes especially when mixed with dust or dirt from your skin. Unfortunately, you cannot avoid this type of stain – unless you do not wear your clothes
  • Dirt: ever wondered why white clothes tend to turn brown and not other colors like blue or red? The reason is dirt from everywhere – in your bedroom, kitchen, car and even on your skin mix with your sweat to cause stains. You see, this is why your clothes get brown over time – especially if you allow your sweat to set on your clothes.

How to clean your clothes:

So, I checked through some advice from a report by the University of Kentucky to avoid the usually online garbage. Professional dry cleaners are usually the best option to remove stains you are not sure of. There is no one-size-fits-all treatment for stains. Unfortunately, this is exactly what most of us try to do while washing our clothes. It is best to find out what method works for your stain. However, here are some tips on making your white clothes whiter:

  1. Do not let the stains dry on your clothes: this is especially true for sweat stains. The longer it stays on your white clothes, the harder it is to remove sweat stains. This would cause brown discolorations on your clothes over time.
  2. Know the kind of stains on your clothes: different methods are used for cleaning different stains. Some would make your stains better others would make your stains worse.
  3. Use cleaning agents: the cleaning agents you use will be different depending on the stains. Some cleaning agents like acetone and ammonia can be harsh on some clothes and are best left to professionals. Some others can be used in clothes

Some cleaning agents you can use for your clothes:

  1. Good old-fashioned bleach: bleach can make your white clothes whiter. It chemically oxidizes the stains and causes the stains to lose their color. This whitens your clothes. Just make sure you follow the instructions properly. Chlorine bleaches can weaken silk or wool so be careful, never mix chlorine bleaches with ammonia because it can form dangerous gases like chloramine.
  2. Hydrogen peroxide: this works just like bleach in oxidizing stains – especially those caused by dyes. This makes your clothes whiter.
  3. Vinegar: this is very good for sweat stains and is good at removing stains. Removing sweat stains will remove those brown mixtures of dirt and sweat and will whiten your clothes. A combination of vinegar and hydrogen peroxide can be very useful in removing sweat stains and whitening your clothes
  4. Acetone or amyl acetate (banana oil): this is useful for removing lipstick and ink stains. They are very good solvents and can dissolve these stains and get them out. However, be careful when using acetone – it is harsh on some fabrics.
  5. Use enzyme mix, detergents and a few drops of ammonia on blood and protein stains.

So, in summary:

  • Know what is staining your white clothes. Sweat stains are the most common.
  • Wash your white clothes immediately you finish wearing them. Don’t let sweat stains dry on your clothes.
  • Hot water is useful for sweat stains but will make blood or egg stains worse. Use cold water for these types of stains
  • Soak your clothes in a combination of hydrogen peroxide and vinegar or in good old-fashioned bleach to whiten it.
  • Be careful when using harsh chemicals like bleach, acetone, and ammonia.
  • Sometimes you have to treat your clothes more than once to get a whiter cloth – be patient.

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