Which Is More Evil For Your Health: Sugar or Salt?

For a long time is considered as the biggest evil for peoples’ health, guilty for high blood pressure and unhealthy heart.
But, the question is, which is the most harmful between salt and .
Honestly, both are bad for our health. Lately, science disapproves that salt is worse. The scientists claim that sugar is the bigger evil, because it can increase the dangerous effects of salt.

Cut Your Sugar Intake

The researchers from Montefiore Medical Center along with colleagues from St. Luke’s Mid America Heart Institute reviewed the issue about which is the real enemy between salt and sugar.

They assessed the following:

• Fructose has a big effect on high blood pressure and cardiac disease.
• Fructose plays a stronger role in the creating of hypertension and heart diseases despite the conviction that salt is the leading reason for these problems.
• Lowering the salt intake may cause more harm than good, the researchers claim.

How to decrease intake of sugar

The important thing is to reduce sugar which is added in beverages where the sugar is main sweetener.
On the top of these beverages is soda, which has big amounts of added sugar.

Other sources which consumption you must minimize:

• Ketchup
• Cakes
• Yogurt
• Biscuits
• Beer

The experts believe that sugar from fruits and vegetables aren’t harmful and you shouldn’t worry about it.
Sugar increases the insulin levels and that can cause acceleration of the heart rate, raise of the blood pressure and constriction of the blood vessels.
While the focus is on reducing sugar intake, still some experts believe that we should cut down salt intake too.
Recommended daily intake of sugar and salt are 25g.and 1.6g.
To be safe and calm, don’t go over this allowa



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