Doctors Do Not Say It, But They Know The Oldest Way To Fight Diabetes

Diabetes is one of the most widespread dangerous diseases around the world, and has a significant effect on the life of the patient. The usual treatment includes insulin shots which can put your glucose levels under control – they are effective, but also have a host of side-effects that can further complicate matters. Although most doctors claim that is untreatable, there’s a food that will prove them wrong.

In general, leading a healthy life and eating a healthy diet is the key for treating diabetes. However, scientists have discovered that there’s something else that can help – beans. Consuming beans and whole grains in general has been recommended by experts from the American and Canadian Diabetes Association. Both foods can reduce insulin resistance and are a great way of controlling your levels.

During a Canadian study which involved more than 1000 participants, it was discovered that some types of beans are better than others when it comes to treating diabetes. The participants in the study were given either chickpeas, black, red and plain beans as well as pinto beans and rice and the results showed that chickpeas have the best result. Red beans were the worst at controlling glucose levels since they contain a lot of non-digestible starch.

Several other studies have shown that cereal can help against diabetes as well, and also control the hemoglobin A1C levels in the human body. As you can see, diabetes can be defeated – change your diet and stop taking the harmful drugs in order to treat the disease.

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