What these 3 Parts on Your Little Finger Means, if you Have it… You will be Surprised !

What these 3 Parts on Your Little Finger Means, if you Have it… You will be Surprised !

Every person has different fingers. Our fingers are not the same. The length of the fingers is different to everyone, the length of the finger section as well. The shape also is different.

But what can tell the finger for your character. According to some believes we can find lot about the character and personality only by the looking at the little finger.

The longest is Section I

This means that the person is attractive and has excellent language skills. Also have great observational skills.

Section II longest

This person has natural sense to help others and take care of them. Great endurance is one of his/hers characteristics. Health care practitioners, doctors have knuckles like this.

What your Little Finger can Tell about You….You will be Surprised

Section III

Person with this kind of little finger section is honest man, would like to speak the truth, and has good oral skills and its great debate partner.


Short sections

This means that this person is not popular among people. These individuals are shy and weak.

Middle Section

If the middle section of the finger is shortest, that represent that the person is stubborn and not hardworking. They do not have problem to maintain a consistent, easy to change position.

Section III shortest

If the bottom finger section is shortest this person is naïve and easily tryst everyone. According to social workers this person is easy to become ignorant, they must be careful.

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