How To Save Someones Life Who Suffered A Heart Attack In 60 Seconds?

Dr. John Christopher is a well-known American herbalist and doctor who has never had a patient die from a . According to Dr. Christopher, all it takes to save a person suffering from a heart attack is . A mixture of a teaspoon of cayenne pepper and a glass of lukewarm should immediately revive the patient and keep him alive until medical help arrives.

Heart attacks are caused by our sedentary lifestyle and the unhealthy diet we eat. Our hectic schedule rarely allows us to eat healthy homemade food, so we’re stuck to processed foods which contain harmful compounds that can be detrimental to our health. Over time, the fat from these foods accumulates in our arteries, leading to serious cardiovascular problems and heart attack which is fatal in many cases. Luckily, cayenne pepper has shown that it can help us in this case.

Cayenne pepper is absorbed directly into the heart and artery system, opening them up and increasing the blood flow and heart rate. This should keep a conscious person stable until help arrives.


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