Magical Salt – Sock: Instant Pain Reliever Tool Against Inflamed Ears

An ear infection can be an awful experience. Other than fever, when you feel weak, ear pain is very unpleasant and irritating feeling. At these days, home solution for treating this issue is always welcomed. For this method you will only need sea and clean socks.

Why salt?

Salt can hold heat because of the proximity of minerals. Also it has the ability to decline the pain when the body is not immune from the infection. This simple treatment actually consists of white cotton socks filled with ocean salt. If your youngsters have this problem, you can tell them that these are magic socks that will make the pain go away.

Salt-Sock Treatment

For one treatment you will need 1 to 1.5 mgs of salt. It is the best to choose ocean salt.

  • First, pour the salt in a pot. Heat it over medium for around 6 minutes. Salt must be warmed equally.
  • It is recommended to be warm, but not hot.
  • Put the warm salt in a sock, and tie it well. Keep the sock onto the painful ear.

There is one more alternative way that can be arranged.

  • Put the salt in a clean sock, tie it well and put it in a dish that is warmed previously.
  • It should be warmed equally from all sides, for about 6-7 minutes.
  • Place the warmed dish with the salt sock onto the infected ear.
  • After a few minutes your pain will be gone.

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