How To Lose 8 Kgs Weight In 7 Days!

Regardless of whether you are trying to for an upcoming big event, to fit your clothes, or simply want to lose fast, you are at the right place. Below, we offer tips on how to lose weight fast. In fact, following these tips will help you reach your desired weight in only 7 days.

Finding the adequate kind of weight reduction which can help you get back into shape is most important. This is not as easy as it seems, and don’t let yourself get fooled by the many supplements and tools advertised on TV. In fact, successful process depends on the combination of healthy diet and quality exercise regimen. If you manage to stick to this, you will be able to lose weight naturally in no time. Most importantly, make sure you don’t skip meals and stick to regular and healthy regiment.

It is important to understand that skipping meals or eating only once daily won`t help you lose weight. Moreover, set realistic goals prior starting a weight loss process and try to achieve the target. In brief, note that eating balanced and healthy diet as well as setting realistic goals is the key to successful weight loss process.

General Motors diet plan is one of the most popular diet plans that weight loss enthusiasts follow. It is very effective diet plan which can help you lose weight fat, without taking any diet pills or health supplements. As you know, General Motors is a famous car manufacturing brand and they are the ones who came up with this diet, also known as GP diet. It was designed for people who work in their company, in other industry, an office, at school or a college. This amazing diet plan was soon adopted by other industries as well, with the aim of improving the wellbeing of people working in the aforementioned industries and institutions.

People who have tried this diet plan swear by its efficacy and some of them have even managed to lose 8 kilograms within a week. Have you tried other diet plans, but they proved ineffective? Have you tried options like running, jogging, regular exercise, yoga or workout in the gym? In case all of the methods you have tried didn’t help, give the GM diet a try and watch your excess pounds go away.

Before staring a GM diet plan, you need to mentally prepare for the regimen you are going to follow. Once you manage to control and calm your mind, you will be able to follow this weight loss plan and achieve the wanted results. This diet lasts for a week and during this time you are allowed to eat specific foods. As mentioned above, it is believed that following this diet allows you to lose 5-8 kilograms in a week.

The most important thing about any diet plan is that you shouldn’t stay hungry as this provides opposite results and you end up with a few kilograms extra. According to the GM diet plan, you eat right amount and right quantity of food, which allows you to be full all the time. Many people who have tried it were surprised over the fact that they managed to lose weigh without starving themselves.


This day is the most important day of your diet plan as you are stepping into something which is unknown for you. Day one is also known as fruit day and you are allowed to eat fruits only! You can eat all types of fruits, expect for bananas, and you can eat them as much as possible. Watermelons and cantaloupe are one of the best foods you can consume on this day. Moreover, make sure you drink 8-12 of and avoid vegetables at any cost. Try to eat more fruits and drink more water in order to stay full and don’t feel hungry. By doing so, you won`t feel the urge to reach for something you are not supposed to eat.



On the second day you should consume vegetables only! You can either eat them raw or cooked, it doesn’t matter. However, make sure you don’t use oil while cooking them. For instance, you can consume them boiled. You are allowed to consume all types of vegetables, including potatoes. However, it is recommended to consume potatoes in the morning, so that the carbohydrates can be burned during the day. You can also consume boiled bottle, ridge gourd, cucumber, broccoli cooked beans, raw and cooked carrot, etc. Don’t forget to drink 8-12 glasses of water as you follow the strict vegetables day. It is important to mention that you are likely to go the bathroom more often, as the digestive system will go through an overhaul.


The third day is a combination of the first two, meaning that you are allowed to consume both fruits and vegetables. However, make sure you don’t consume bananas and fruits. You can go for a fruit diet in the morning and then consume veggies in the afternoon; and fruit diet in the evening followed by consumption of vegetables and fruits at nights. Feel free to combine them as you want to as everything depends on your own wish. Again, make sure you drink 8-12 glasses of water too!


Interestingly, on this day you are allowed to consume banana and milk only. You should take 8-10 bananas and three glasses of milk. There is no need to worry about feeling hungry. As a matter of fact, you will feel full during the entire day. It is recommended to divide the bananas and milk intake properly so that you avoid feeling hungry. For instance, you can take a banana and a glass of milk in the morning and a couple of bananas during the midday. For lunch, take a glass of milk along with two bananas. Finally, eat a couple of bananas in the evening and three bananas along with a glass of milk at night. If you divide the banana and milk intake properly, you will not feel hungry at all.


On this day you are allowed to have a feast! You can have a cup of rice for lunch and 6-7 tomatoes during the day. Given the fact that you are at risk of producing too much in the body, increase the water intake to 12-15 glasses.


Day 6 also offers you a change to have a feast. You are also allowed to have a cup of rice for lunch, as in day 5. Consume vegetables for the rest of the day and drink 8-12 glasses of water. Given the fact that at this point you are approaching the end of your diet plan, you will definitely feel much lighter. Moreover, your digestive system will be running more efficiently at this point as well.


On the last day of GM diet plan you are allowed to have a cup of rice, vegetables, and fruit juices. People claim that this day is the best day as it gives you an opportunity to consume all vegetables and fruit juices. At this point, you will feel significantly lighter and you will feel proud for being able to lose weight naturally, with the help of proper diet plan and water intake.

In addition to this, GM diet plan offers additional health benefits. For instance, your digestive system will work better and you will lose 4-5 kilograms. Therefore, all people who are struggling with excess weight and think that starving will help them lose weight should try this diet plan. GM diet plan is the healthiest and fastest way to lose weight!

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