The Location of Acne on Your Body Can Reveal The Disease You Suffer From

What tells us a lot about our health and specifically for our body or system is the location of on the face and body. You can read the signs by simply imagining your body like a landscape map. Your body is divided into a several areas and the appearance of acne in every area is connected to different health issues or illness. Here is a list of the disorders that can be revealed from the location of acne on the body and face.

Area 1 – Hormones

Area 1 is your neck and chin. If you have acne in this area, it can be a sign of too much stress, consuming too much sweets and sodas or adrenal gland issue

Area 2 and 3 – High Stress Levels

Your shoulders are area 2 and 3. If you have acne in this area it is a sign that you are dealing with too much stress and your immunity suffers from it. Stop, breathe in and enjoy your life.

Area 4 – Your Stomach

The chest is your area 4. Acne in this area are showing up from eating too much junk food or if you are suffering from bad digestion. Try to eat more often.

Area 5 and 6 – Vitamin Insufficiency

The acne in this area caused by vitamin insufficiency. Try to add more vegetables and fruits in your diet, and stop taking artificial vitamin supplements, which will never be the same as the vitamins coming from the fruits and veggies.

The Location of Acne on Your Body Can Reveal The Disease You Suffer From


Area 7 – Your Blood Sugar

Your stomach is area 7. Acne on this area are indicating high . Try avoiding and bread. Instead of that try to eat fruit and veggies.

Area 8 – Personal Hygiene or STD s

The cause of acne in this area can be poor hygiene, but also it can be a case of warts, which are symptom of a sexually transmitted disease, especially if they are itching. If you have acne on this area, visit your doctor immediately!

Area 9 and 10 – or Dermal Problems

Cosmetics or detergents can cause acne on the hips and upper legs. Acne on the lower parts of the legs usually appears due to shaving or waxing, so be more careful with the razor or the waxing products that you are using.

Area 11 and 12 – Digestion or Your Nervous System

Area 11 & 12 are your back and upper back. Acne in this area can be a sign that you are consuming too much calories, mental overload or not getting enough.

Area 13 and 14 – Your Digestion

Acne on the chest are signal that something is wrong with your digestive system or that your diet is unhealthy. Try changing your diet and the acne will disappear.

The skin is mirror of our health. Take a good look and see what it will tell you about your health.



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