This Is How to Get Rid of Pesticides and Bacteria from Store-Bought Fruits and Veggies

When it comes to buying veggies and fruits, there is no better and healthier option than produce which is organically grown. However, nowadays, trusted sellers are very hard to find and it appears that the cost of is much higher than food grown conventionally. And, in many cases, we don’t have other options than the veggies and fruits offered in the supermarkets.

As you probably already know, a big amount of pesticides are used during the cultivation period. If you don’t trust your seller about the origin of the fruits and veggies you’re buying and if you’re not sure about how they were grown, there is a trick that can help you remove all pesticides from your produce.

For the cleaning method, you will need one cup of , a cup of , a spoon of , and two tablespoons of juice. Mix the ingredients in a bowl and leave it for a while to blend. Then, transfer it into a sprayer and spray your store-bought fruits and vegetables with it. Leave it to act for a couple of minutes and then wash the produce thoroughly.

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