Get Rid of Spiders Naturally and as if by Magic. Simple, but so Effective!

Spiders are tinny hair legs insects that seems to appear everywhere in the house. Nobody wants them and many people have fear from them. But do not panic we have a little trick for you and you will easily.

If you have a house with a backyard, then start your work outside. Take care to remove any fallen foliage and branches that are close to the house. This will restrict the creepy crawlies from coming back in.

Maintain the grass in your yard. Keep it short so the most insects cannot get too comfortable. Plants and bushes right next to a window are another easy way into the house, so trim the bushes short.

Get Rid of Naturally and as if by Magic. Simple, but so Effective!

Keep clean and remove the spider nets.

Do not use outdoor lighting. The light draws attention soon thereafter spiders, because suddenly your terrace looks like a nighttime fast-food joint for the spiders.

Cover the cracks on the walls, repair cracks on the doors.

Put a fly screen on the windows or the doors. You will protect insects to enter easily.

Maintain tidy. If you are something like hoarders then it would not be a big surprise if somethings came out from the piles of clothes.

Keep your decorations and tool in plastic containers in the garage or basement. This way you’ll save yourself a nasty surprise when pull them out of the darkness.

Never leave open foods around your home. If there are flies in your kitchen then there will be spiders soon too. Spiders mainly live off flies.

Use your vacuum regularly and dust under the furniture and in the dark corners. These are the places where our legged friends like to live.

Peppermint, lemongrass, tea tree, lavender or Indian lilac keeps spiders away. Make a solution from 5-10 drops of essential oil in 500 ml of and a little bit of dish soap. Spray the solution on all potential entrance points like doors and windows. Repeat after a few days as required.

Rub the doors and windows with some .

All kind of cinnamon smell deters spiders.

Diluted some vinegar and spray the problematic areas

The main key is to keep clean and tidy. As last solution use some insect spray solution.

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