How to cure stomach ulcer permanently and in fastest way

Stomach ulcer is a spot where the lining of stomach, or small intestine, or the stomach muscle itself gets eroded. Traditionally, it was believed to be caused by stress and anxiety. However, recent studies have shown that, stomach ulcer or is caused by a bacteria called, helicobacter pylori, which destroys the mucus layer of the stomach. Stomach ulcers are totally curable if proper precautions are taken. It usually takes 8 weeks to heal stomach ulcer completely.

Let’s see some of the to treat peptic or stomach ulcer.

1. Eat plenty of dark leafy as they contain vitamin K, which helps in healing stomach ulcer.
2. Drink a glass of fresh cabbage juice daily as soon as it is made.
3. Take 4-ounce of food-grade aloe vera juice, or gel daily.
4. For bleeding ulcers, eat steamed and mashed vegetables, or organic baby food.
5. Eat soft foods such as bananas, avocados, yams, potatoes and squash.
6. Avoid drinking cow’s milk. Instead take almond, or rice, or soy milk, or yogurt. Cow’s milk contain and protein, which stimulates the production of more acid.
7. Avoid drinking coffee, even decaffeinated ones, alcohol and carbonated drinks.
8. Avoid taking salt, sugar and refined carbohydrates.
9. Drink a large glass of water for quick relief of stomach ulcer pain.
10. Avoid taking pain killers such as and ibuprofen.

If you follow these recommendations, then your peptic, or stomach ulcer will be cured in 8 weeks.

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