AMAZING WATER DIET: Removes Up to One Pound Per Day !

With this diet you can lose up to one pound a day. However, it must be conducted every second day. And we recommend taking this diet once a week.


Drink a large glass of water or or juice. You can eat and drink juices and fruits as much as you want.

During the morning

Drink a large glass of water, tea or juice. Eat several fruits,if possibleconsume different types. Depending on the time of year, most water amounts containthe following fruits:


Drink large glass of water before meal and tea after meal. The menu consists of raw vegetables for saladas much as you want, if you wantyou can add vinegar, oil, and spices to taste. You can add olives in your . You are allowed to eat any kind of raw and canned vegetables: carrots, asparagus, artichokes, celery, lettuce, peppers, cucumbers, onions, soybeans, corn, tomatoes.


Drink large glass of water or tea or juice. You can also drink a glass of milk or yogurt, or 30 grams of or asingle fruit.


Drink a glass of water before meal and after the meal drinka cup of tea. You can eat 100 grams of meat (chicken, veal) or 150 grams of fish (hake) or one egg with vegetables and fruit.

Caution:You can be on this diet for the whole week, as it will cause an imbalance in the body. You can take the diet every second day. And this should not continue for a long time, but only for a short time.


Drink at least 8 glasses of water each day. The diet should be rich in foods that contain a lot of water, such as fruits and vegetables.

And finally, keep in mind that no diet is absolutely good for your health. Therefore, before proceeding to the “new” diet, consult a doctor.

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