3 Cheap Tricks to Get Rid of Ants in Your Home

You know what really irritates us? Ants. Ants can easily infest any home, and they’re pretty difficult to get rid of. These insects enter our homes searching food, and once they find it, hundreds infest our rooms. People usually call the exterminator in these cases, but this is a time-consuming and expensive process which gives mixed results. Plus, why would you want to spend all that money on pest control services when there are easier and cheaper natural ways of eliminating the ants in your home?

The first step towards resolving the ant problem is to keep them farther from your home. Ants have a strong sense of smell and love , especially if its left lying around. They can easily notice an empty can of soda on the counter, which is why you need to rinse everything before putting it in the trash.

How to eliminate ants

Even if you do keep your home in tip-top shape, ants will find food leftovers. Here are 3 easy tricks which will eliminate them from your home:


Ants hate the scent of cinnamon, which makes the sweet spice an ideal repellent.


½ a teaspoon of cinnamon essential oil

A cup of water

Cotton ball


Put the cinnamon oil in the and mix well, then soak a cotton ball in the mixture and wipe the spots frequented by ants. Repeat the process every day until they’re all gone.





Lemon essential oil

Spray bottle


Pour a few drops of oil and some vinegar in a spray bottle, then add some water as well and shake. Spray the mixture around your cupboards and wherever you’ve spotted ants every day until you’re free of the insects.


Borax is highly effective against colonies of ants as they take it back to their nest and eat it, which eventually kills them.



1 teaspoon of water

2 tablespoons of peanut butter and sugar each

Plastic container with a lid


Mix all the ingredients in the container well and close it, then make small holes in the sides. The ants will enter the container and take the Borax mixture home. In just a short time, they should all be eliminated.

Watch the video below to see even more simple tricks which will eliminate the ants in your home.

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